• 13.09.2019 - participation in the Payments Drift Forum 2019 panel - Entering the new era of open API banking - Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw

  • 17.04.2019 - PSD2 Directive - open API and strong authentication standards - how to prepare for revolutionary changes in the law? - training conducted jointly with the Warsaw Institute of Banking

  • 01.12.2017 - PSD2 Directive and Central Accounts Base - how to prepare for revolutionary changes in the law? - training conducted jointly with the Warsaw Institute of Banking

  • 28.11.2017 - training PSD2 Directive and the Central Accounts Base - how should BS prepare for revolutionary changes in the law? - training for one of the cooperative banks

  • 18.10.2017 - presentation - Cash, non-cash instruments, digital currencies - to what extent are legal regulations open to new forms of payment? - Cashless Poland Forum

  • 28.09.2017 - PSD 2 - theory and practice - training for one of the largest Polish universal banks

  • 20.06.2017 – participation in the discussion panel The perspective of the development of the payment market in Poland - the implications of new regulations, as a part of the Mobile Payment Conference, organized by the „Finance Magazine Bank” under the auspices of the Polish Banks Association

  • 19.04.2017 – participation in the panel „Financial Innovations in Banks” within the framework of the 9th National Congress of Banking and Capital Market Law organized in Warsaw by the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Warsaw University on 19-20.04.2017 r.

  • 24.02.2017 – Participation in discussion panel „Instruments of payment yesterday and today – remembrance of Professor Remigius Kaszubski's achievements”, a meeting organized at the University of Warsaw by the Scientific Association of Banking Law

  • 15.02.2017 – „Obligations of payment services providers – strong customer authentication and open communication interface for PIS and AIS services”; within the MMC Conference „Transaction Services and TPP Activities in the context of PSD II”, 15–16.02.2017

  • 1.12.2016 – Participation in the debate organized by the Magazine My Company Polska and „Payments in e-commerce and m-commerce”, broadcast via the Internet - see

  • 7.12.2016 – wyst┬▒pienie „s the Regulatory Technical Standards EBA in comparison with PSD2 introducing additional requirements?” – CEEC Conference 7-8 December 2016 „Customer in the focus of the Financial Sector”

  • 23.06.2016 – „Can legal regulations be avoided – what payments are possible without a license?” within the cycle of Polish Cards and Systems "Omnichannel Payments”

  • 13.05.2016 – The Law on Payment Services, lectures in postgraduate studies organized by Warsaw School of Economics and Microsoft:  „ Application of Cloud Computing Technology in Business Strategies”

  • 5.04.2016 – Does the legal interpretation enhance or restrict the growth of electronic payments? – current judgements of Financial Authority, Office for Consumers and Competition Protection, European Commission, Court of Justice,  No Cash Day 2016 Warsaw –“ Non-cash payments in Poland - where are we now, where are we going?”

  • 23.03.2016, Public payments – determinants of development of the substantial part of the market, a panel discussion, IV International Non-Cash Payments Congress, 22-23 march 2016, Organizer- Foundation for Development of Non-Cash Transactions

  • 21.03.2016 – Do the legal regulations seek to eliminate anonymity? The legal construction of pre-paid cards, Conference „Puls Biznesu” „Digital Money – Trends and Challenges of non-cash payment market”

  • 16.03.2016 – training – Directive PSD2, Directive PAD, MIF Regulation, Recommendation of the Financial Authority concerning the security of internet payments, Alior Bank S.A. training program - download

  • 14.03.2016 – training – The newest developments in the payment services law, Warsaw Banking Institute

  • 10.03.2016 – Charges in mobile payments, Conference „Mobile, contactless, HCE – payments – where are we, where are we going?, Session XXIX „Polish Cards and Systems”

  • 15.10.2015 – Will the draft Financial Authority’s Recommendation concerning Internet payments cause additional costs for business? How does a supervisory recommendation influence the civil liability of the providers?, Conference „Market of acquiring services in Poland – is it possible to profit on cards?”
    Session XXVIII Polish Cards and Systems - recording from lecture - see

  • 13.10.2015 – The newest developments in the payment services law – webinar organized by the Warsaw Banking Institute

  • 30.06.2015 – Financial Instruments based on Bitcoin, II Digital Money & Currency Forum, Institute for Mathematical Machines, Warszawa - recording from lecture - see

  • 25.06.2015 – Will the future banks be only the supporters of the capital? Trends in the regulation of payment services, Conference „The payments news, what we expect in the future? Conference “Polish Cards and Systems” Session XXVII

  • 9.05.2015 – The Law on Payment Services, lectures in postgraduate studies organized by Warsaw School of Economics and Microsoft:  „ Application of Cloud Computing Technology in Business Strategies”

  • 19.03.2015 – Selected aspect of the legal construction of eWallet, III International Kongress for Cashless Payments, Warsaw, Conference of the Management Faculty of the Warsaw University and the Foundation for Development of Non-Cash Transactions 

  • 12.03.2015 – Cash back and cash payment – how is the consumer protected?, Conference  „Cash back – undermined instrument of cashless payment market in Poland, in the series “Polish Cards and Systems”, Medien Service

  • 19.02.2015 – Legal requirements by offering Points of Service for mobile payments, Conference „The development of mobile functionalities in Banking and Financial Services, the 26th Banking Forum, Center for IT Promotion

  • 03.06.2014 - Transformation processes as a result of the integration of Central and Eastern Europe with the countries of the European Union, DAAD Summer Seminar: "EU Osterweiterung - Quo vadis? Balance and perspectives after ten years, University of Passau 2014 "(presentation on Europeanization processes in the CEE countries in the wake of EU accession) - abstract in German - see
  • 06.26.2014 - The use of the legal structure of electronic money within the services covered by the e-Wallet; conference on "Mobile wallets thus payment ecosystem on the phone?”, Polish Cards and Systems, about conference -
  • 07.03.2014 - Legal structure of virtual currency and electronic money - similarities and differences, within the framework of the conference "Digital Money & Currency Forum, Warsaw", about the conference -
  • 26-27.11.2014 - Urban, regional and loyalty cards - the legal aspects in the context of the regulation of PSD I and PSD II, in the framework of the conference "Central European Electronic Card 2014" - about the conference -
  • Access of third parties to a bank account/payment account, within the Conference “Polish Cards and Systems”, 03/20/2014 - recording from lecture - see
  • Lecture at the conference "New regulations for payment services and electronic money" at the University of Warsaw, 05.13.2014 - conference program - see
  • Charges in the Payment Services Act and  Payment Services Directive II - specific aspects, in the seminar MMC Poland, 05/14/2014 - see slides


I am  providing  trainings mainly on the foregoing subjects:

  1. The newest Polish and European regulations in the payment services law – how do they influence the rights and duties of services providers (transposition of EU directives – PSD2, PAD, MIF Regulation, Recommendations of KNF, EBA and ECB)

  2. Legal aspects of using new technology by commercial companies

  3. Legal requirements of business activity in Poland 

  4. Responsibilities of board members in companies and partnerships

  5. Shareholder’s rights in companies and partnerships

  6. Constructing of business contracts